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Welcome to BrainTool 0.9! See the Release Notes for details

Type h for help. Toggle back here for tips. Go to BrainTool for more info.

- Activate BrainTool to save any web page via the icon or with alt-b.
- BT icon hidden under a jigsaw icon browser top right until you pin it.
- This message will scroll up momentarily, click the top bar to re-open.
- See Options for imports, exports, bookmarks and GDrive syncing.
- Your BrainTool data is completely private and secure.
- This initial tree shows some examples of how to use Topics. Feel free to build on it. Delete anything you don't want by hovering over it and hitting the trash button.

BrainTool is young. Please review positively. Feedback to braintool.extension@gmail. Thanks!

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