Welcome to BrainTool!

BrainTool saves all your links and notes in a plain text file that is stored on your Google Drive. In order to operate BT needs you to grant it permission to read and write this file. Data is exchanged only between the BT app running in Chrome and your GDrive, and only in encrypted format. There are no BT servers and nothing is ever stored anywhere but within the BrainTool.org file that is fully under your control. For details see the privacy policy

Look here for tips or see our website for more.

NB This initial tree shows some examples of how to use tags. Feel free to build on this or delete anything you don't want by hovering over the row and hitting the trash button.
BrainTool is still very new and evolving. If you are going to rate the app less than 5 stars I'd appreciate constructive criticism instead. Contact me at braintool.extension@gmail.com or via the Chrome Store. Thank You!

Authenticating with Google
and loading your BrainTool file