A Topic Manager for your Online Life

Praise from users and the press:

Control your Browser

You spend all your time working in a browser. But the browser doesn't support your workflow.

With BrainTool all your tools & online information sources are organized by Topic in the BrainTool side panel.

Open and close groups of tabs for a Topic with a click.

Context switch with ease and keep your workspace clean. Control everything with powerful keyboard commands.

BrainTool sidepanel

Tame your Tabs, Capture your Notes

Trivially save a page, assign a Topic and close it out.

No longer fear closing a tab!

Card editor
Autocomplete tags

Or leave it open while you work on it, grouped with its Topic-mates.

Keep detailed notes on the Topic card associated with every item.

Plain Text for the Win!

Screenshot showing BrainTool with emacs and Chrome views

Here's a playlist of videos showing more details:

Install from the Chrome Web Store

Check it out on the Chrome Web Store or ping me at braintool.extension@gmail.com .

There’s philosophy and roadmap information in the Vision Statement and the required official privacy policy is here. Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback: braintool.extension@gmail.com.