Tame your Tabs

Open and close groups of tabs for a Topic with a click.

Context switch with ease and keep your workspace clean.

Control your Browser

With BrainTool all your tools & online information sources are organized by Topic in the BrainTool side panel.

No longer fear closing a tab!

Capture your Notes

BrainTool sidepanel

Trivially save a page, assign a Topic and close it out.

Card editor
Autocomplete tags

Keep detailed notes on the Topic card associated with every item.

Praise from users and the press:

Plain Text for the Win!

Screenshot showing BrainTool with emacs and Chrome views

More Info

There’s philosophy and roadmap information in the Vision Statement and the required official privacy policy is here. Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback: braintool.extension@gmail.com.