Tame your Tabs

BrainTool organizes all your tabs and topics in the Topic Manager

Open and close groups of tabs for a Topic with a click.

Control your Browser

Switch between contexts and tab groups with ease. Keep your workspace clean.

No longer fear closing a tab!

Curate your Topics

Add to Chrome
BrainTool sidepanel

Trivially add a page into your Topic tree and close it out.

Card editor
Autocomplete topics

Or keep detailed notes on the Topic card associated with every item.

Praise from users and the press

...Gave bookmarks the performance and usability boost that I'd been waiting for all these years...it's a very nice, very fresh, take on bookmarks...I really like BrainTool. The rather simple interface might not be for everyone, but behind that simplicity is a lot of power.

Everything is categorized and notated so I don't have to keep all the tabs open to keep track of all the crazy stuff I'm doing. Great extension!
I frequently need to open the same four websites, and this tool allows me to open them all at once or individually, which is fantastic!
BrainTool has helped me get my life organized in a way that I never thought possible.
5 stars for the amount of smart thinking that went into this, for the vision...it's a brilliant tab manager and you can use it to save content to hierarchies (topic maps) that work for you.
it's a life saver, and a game changer for productivity and digital well-being...I especially love this project's Philosophy
Long time, I had trouble with bookmarks. But BT released me from confusion. I got back happy web surfing. Thank you very much!
having tried almost every other tab management extension I could find, this is the one that I finally believe is on the right track.
This extension naturally fits the bill of organizing such tab groups into a logical hierarchy of "work units" that can be quickly accessed / switched to.
the tool itself is amazing...use this with TabFS, todoist.el, and rclone to do some pretty neat things. Very elegant.
I've been using Braintool for several months now and I've been thrilled with it...The really great thing in BrainTool is the ability to save notes along with the link...The keyboard shortcuts also make it incredibly quick and easy to use
This extension has me hooked as it's definitely not like your normal bookmark manager...The ability to use an org file to sycn was a genius move.
This is becoming a powerhouse productivity tool! It is Bookmarks+Sessions+Outliner in one place...also, the whole idea of basing this on an org file is just brilliant!
I've used Session Buddy and OneTab. This is far superior...8 months later BrainTool absolutely still deserves 5 stars
the reason I am leaving 5 stars is because of tagging, categorization, and notes taking that is clean and visible.
look beyond the surface of BrainTool to discover it's hidden powers ... which are desperately needed in today's cloud-based environments where lots of information is hidden in the fog.
For a long time I was looking for a Tabs Outliner replacement because it is not actively developed. With Braintool I have found it.
My husband recommended this extension as I stopped using Tabs Outliner
As a current Tabs Outliner user, my first reaction is that BrainTool, even in its pre-1.0 release, is far more polished.
Amazing App. I love that it's in plain text and uses org mode!

Plain Text FTW!

Screenshot showing BrainTool with emacs and Chrome views

More Info

See the Vision Statement for philosophy and roadmap information and see the required official privacy policy here. Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback: braintool.extension@gmail.com.