About BrainTool

In one way or other I’ve been working on BrainTool my whole life. It’s an evolution of how I organize and manage my own information space. After a long career as a software developer, and a longer one as an architect and engineering manager, I wanted to get backing to building things with my own hands. I spent some time exploring opportunities at the intersection of Healthcare IT, Machine Learning and UX* but along the way realized that the time was right to build BrainTool as a product for general use.

These days knowledge workers spend most of their time in a browser. Today’s browsers are amazing tools, but they don’t provide support for organizing and managing all of your online stuff. BrainTool provides that support.

See the posts and essays here for more details and background.

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– Tony

*DataFoundries is my container corporation, HealthValuePipelines covers learning and consulting projects, caAnnotator is a search engine built as part of a National Cancer Institute DREAM challenge.