Special One-Time Offers!

In advance of the 1.0 BrainTool release a free lifetime subscription coupon is being offered to any existing user who contributes to it’s success by performing one of the following*:

* Send a link showing the post to braintool.extension@gmail.com and I’ll send you the coupon code. Do all 3 and I’ll send you 3 coupons!

If you’d prefer to just pay and/or want to show support, please do go ahead and purchase a license. In return you can make use of the EarlyFinancerDiscount coupon code to receive 50% off your subscription forever.

BrainTool Introductory Pricing


Up to 300 Topic Cards and 3000 Saves

Import and export Browser Bookmarks

Import-from and export-to local text file in readable org-mode format.

Optional continuous sync to Google Drive.

Full text search on links, descriptions and notes.

To-Do/Done annotations.

Planned Features:

Topic sharing

Topic Card text editor



Unlimited Topic Cards and Saves.

Planned Features:

Multi-file support with per-Topic files.

Ability to sync with local files, drop-box or github.

Full session save. Live sessions.

Deep search on contents of saved pages.

Capture and save in-page highlights

Tags and bi-directional linking.

$3.99/mo or $40/yr

BrainTool Pricing and Data Philosophy

There’s a free version of BrainTool for a couple reasons. Mainly because I want a lot of people to use it. But also because I initially built it for myself and I used a lot of free software and resources to do so, so it seems nice to share!

There’s been a trend for the last while to give software away for free and make money off of the data you can collect and sell. BrainTool strives to take a completely hands off approach to your data. Your data is yours, BrainTool uses it with your permission to provide you tools to manage, organize and access it. With a subscription you are paying for those tools and their continued improvement, and keeping your data to yourself.