Welcome to BrainTool 0.9

The BrainTool 0.9 version is now available with a manual install prior to it’s release on the Chrome Web Store. See below for the 0.8 RNs.

File import/export

In addition to Chrome Bookmarks, 0.9 adds the ability to import from a TabsOutliner export and also to import a text file with orgmode (org-mode?) markup. Heading, paragraph text and contained http(s) links are extracted and represented in the tree.

In addition to exporting to Bookmarks you can now also export an org file.

org-mode support

This version upgrades to version 2 of the very handy orga.js org parser by @xiaoxinghu. BrainTool should now retain any org markup in the BrainTool.org file (or an imported file). BT stores app data using headers for Topics, headers with links for topic occurrences (ie links) and paragraph text for notes. Other constructs such as lists, tables, blocks etc will just be shown in plain text in the tree and written back out as such.

The idea here is to allow BrainTool to become an integral part of a text and org-based note taking and productivity workflow.

Removed GDrive dependency

The need to perform the GDrive permission workflow on the initial install made the whole thing overly complicated for people. With the new ability to upload and download the file manually I decided to decouple the GDrive permissions.

By default BT now stores your data in Chrome local storage. This should be resilient across browser sessions on a single Chrome instance. Its still advisable to also write to the BrainTool.org file on your GDrive but not necessary. If you currently have the GDrive app connected you can disconnect it from Settings on the GDrive web page.

Minor Usability improvements

Installation Instructions

To install this version of BT in advance of it being approved in the store follow these instructions. I’d love to hear your feedback on the BT forum

Pull down the extension code from gdrive and expand the zip file into a folder, or clone the repo on GitHub and go to the versions/0.9.0/extension directory, then follow these instructions:

You should be able to open and use BT like before. (Altho NB the keyboard shortcut is lost, you need to delete the keyboard shortcut and add it back in, via the top left hamburger menu).

Welcome to BrainTool 0.8.1!

This BrainTool point release has a few changes you might notice:

BrainTool 0.8.0

Support for Release Notes!

Hopefully you are seeing this page as a result of being upgraded to the new version of BrainTool. I also added a Welcome page for new installs, feel free to check it out. See also the general Support page.

Keyboard shortcuts

To support keyboard commands I’ve added the notion of having an explicitly selected row. Clicking a row selects it (also navigating Next or Previous selects the first or last row). The selected row is shown in dark green and the selection-specific shortcuts operate on it.

Key bindings were influenced by emacs/org-mode but given that the browser absorbs lots of control characters (Ctrl-N, P, S etc) and that only a small subset of BrainTool users are emacs/org natives, I defaulted to skipping the Control key. Commands operating on the selection are as follows:

In addition there are the following general keys:

Ability to tag all a windows tabs at once

See the checkbox on the BT popup.

Stats Bar

I reworked the Options menu to be static at the top of the screen and added a stats bar showing you how big your braintool is.

BrainTool 0.7

In addition here’s what happened in 0.7.