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Common BrainTool Problems

BrainTool gives you complete and full access to all the data saved in the app by optionally writing it to a file on your Google Drive (if you have a Google account, you have Drive storage). Nothing is stored anywhere else other than in your browser. Ironically taking this hands-off approach to your data requires you to grant the application additional permissions after the extension is installed to permit GDrive syncing. This additional step of walking through the Google permission flow is the cause of confusion and some conflicts with other things going on in your browser.

I installed the extension but I don’t see anything

By default Chrome hides installed extensions under the little jigsaw piece icon on the nav bar. If the BrainTool extension installed correctly you can see it by clicking the jigsaw piece. You can pin it permanently to the nav bar by clicking the pushpin icon.

I see ‘Error Authenticating’ while enabling GDrive

Google uses what are called ‘third-party cookies’ to store account information and a popup to ask for your permission. Increasingly browsers default ot not allowing popups and cookies. You need to allow popups from and and allow cookies from in your Chrome settings. Doing so and restarting BrainTool should solve the problem. (NB do not click the box titled ‘Including Third-party cookies on this site’.)

After clicking Authorize GDrive nothing happens

Related to the above, some security and privacy related extensions stop web pages from sending messages to third party sites, in some cases I cannot catch this as an error. Privacy Badger is an example of such an extension. You will need to disable such extensions for the url.

I use two computers and don’t see my changes on the second one

As noted above, your braintool data is stored in the browser and optionally on Google Drive in a file associated with your Google account (the file is called, you can see it by visiting Thus you will have a single such file across any set of computers you use. If you have BrainTool running simultaneously on multiple computers you need to use the Refresh button (under Options) to reload the latest version of the file when you swap between computers.

Some other problem

Email or post to the BrainTool Discussion Group with feedback.